Thursday 15 September 2011

2nd post(Our gms)

Gfxer : Jerad (lvl 5)
Map Editor: Alvin(A) (lvl 3)
Interns: x3Justice, AranXiang ( lvl 1-2)
GMs : x3BoBo,[GM]BowM4sterzX, [GM]Gui, [GM]-Jq-(lvl 3)
Coder/Co owner : (Currently looking for a coder)
Owner: Owner[Z|NZ], Pawsome. (unlimited rank)

Our first post(Please read)

K, sup guys, if you're wondering while i'm creating this blog its because if reversems website is down or whatever i can tell your here well, im creating a facebook fanpage soon(lazy) lol.btw server will be up on 15/9/2011 :). website idk lol maybe 1 day later? well coding i will find a coder or i can code npc myself but im lazy lol XD. btw. if your guys are fine with it please find me a coder lol cannnot find.